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At Church Software Plus! we take pride in providing our users with independant reviews of almost every church related software package available on the market. Whether you are a small church with the most basic needs, or a busy capital city church, we can help you find the right church software package to suit your ministries needs.

There are many types of software packages available on the market that can help in almost every facet of running your church or non-profit organisation.



Church Software Categories

Church Software

Why use church software? What are the benefits for your ministry?

Church Management Software
The complete package for managing your ministry.
Nonprofit Software
Software designed specifically for non-profit organizations. Popular with churches, schools & other institutions.
Church Growth Software
Analyze church growth and increase membership with these software packages.
Easy Worship Software
Designed to make worship easy and fun for all!

Church Business Software
Your church is in many ways a business. Treat it like one and see the results with these great software packages.

Church Office Software
For managing the office. Simple & easy to use packages for the beginner!

Purpose driven Church management software
For a purpose driven church!
Church Song Management Software
Manage your church songs with great software packages that integrate your music with vision.

Church Donation Software
Track donations & analyze fund raising.

Synagogue Membership Software
Manage your Synagogue with the latest software packages.

Free Church Management Software Programs

Yes, there is such a thing! There are a number of freeware programs for church and non profit use.

Tagalog Bible Software
Translate English to tagalog with these many great packages!

Compare Free Church Software
Review all free chutch software programs.

Church Management Software for Windows XP, Windows 7
Review some Church Management Software for Windows XP, Windows 7.

Church Management Software Designed for Apple Users
Church Management Software for MAC OS.

Easy Worship Church Software makes Sermons a Breeze
Review some Easy Worship Church Software packages.

Church Growth Software
How to use Church Management Software for a Purpose

PowerChurch Software
Review PowerChurch Management Software solutions

Choosing the Right Church Software
How to choose the right Church Software for your Congregation

8 Amazing things you can do with Church Management Software
Review the features of Church Management Software

Church Management Software Providers
Download Church Software

How to manage church data, people, sermons and donations
using Church Software

Church Directory Software
Free Church Management Software

Worship Presentation Software
Worship and Presentation Programs for Modern Church Environments

Church Membership Software
Manage Donations, Newsletters and More

Church Financial Software
Use Church Management Software to Manage your Accounts

Church Attendance Software
How to manage attendance with software designed for churches

Software for Churches
Web, Church Management, Presentation Software and more

Church Office Software
Compare church office software

Church Management Software makes Accounting a Breeze
Management Solutions for Church Accounting Tasks

Church Worship Software
Engage your parish with song and sermon presentation software

Free Church Accounting Software
Easily Manage Donations, Funds and Finances

Build a Community With Church Software
Free step-by-step guide