Best Church Growth Software

Church growth software is a special type of software designed especially to help your church grow and give the user the ability to analyze all the aspects regarding potential and existing growth. There are several church growth software packages available but one in particular that sticks out above the rest. We believe the best church growth software package is provided by HPC Business Consultants. The package is called ďChurch Growth SoftwareĒ. Church Growth Software is very easy to use and at the same time provides quality results.

What 'Church Growth Software' Can Do For You

HPC claims that ďChurch Growth Software Can Help You Automate Your Searches, Tracking, Follow-up and Reporting In A Short Period Of TimeĒ. Let's take a closer look at what this church growth software package can do.


Church growth software allows you to automatically search for profiles you've set up. These include, S.H.A.P.E. Personal Profile (Purpose Driven Church) Method, Willow Creek Network Gift Mix Method, Personal Evangelism Style Method, Individual's Ministry Involvement Method, C.L.A.S.S.


Church growth software also allows you to track information such as donations, attendance stats, pledges, resources, advertising, birthdays, events, anniversaries and so on.


Most importantly Church Growth Software allows you to keep your members happy. Church Growth Software allows you to do this by giving you the ability to generate automated welcome letters, personally addressed envelopes, prayer request reports, sign-up sheets and pledge follow-up letters.


Church Growth Software also provides the user with complex analysis such as the demographic of your members, allowing you to 'advertise' more directly to each demographic.


Church Growth Software System Requirements

Church growth software can easily be combined with Microsoft Word and Excel and has extremely low system requirements to run. You can easily install it on operating system platforms from Windows 95 onwards, and only requires 10 MB hard disk space.


Church Growth Software Pricing

Pricing for 'chruch growth software' is based on usage. You will be charged based on the number of individual entries to your database. Prices can range between $99 for up to 100 members, and $999 for unlimited members.


If you desire more information about Church growth software or are considering buying it please visit or Download a demo and try before you buy!


If you would like further information about church software in general, and other products available please visit our page on church growth software.


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