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New Church management software packages are appearing on the market every single month. With more and more to choose from, it is easy to put yourself in a situation where you end up buying a church management software package that is not quite what it is made out to be. To help you find the right church management software package for your ministry we have reviewed what we consider to be the pick of the church management software packages on the market.

Church HelpMate 2006 church managment software

When it comes to church management software, Church Helpmate has been a very successful series. The manufacturers have a wealth of experience in the industry and are able to provide users with one of the best church management software packages on the market.

Key Features

Households & Individuals

Contributions & Pledges




Groups & Group Membership


Meetings & Attendance

Church Health & Statistics 

church management software

Church HelpMate 2006 is a quality church management software package that allows the user to easily integrate the system with a number of other applications such as Quickbooks and Microsoft Office Packages.

This church management software package specifically makes it easier to track every aspect of the your ministry including attendance, donations, and membership, allowing you to better deciple and equip your members and helps you increase membership participation.

Users have been very pleased by the church management software and sales continue to increase.

The price of the package differs from $250 to $1000. For more information visit:

ParishSOFT Church Management Software

ParishSOFT is actually a combination of several church management software packages. It can not only deal with management but with other problems that might appear within every day management and can be incorporated with the Internet quite well. The package evolves around what the manufacturers describe as: church management software modules.

Among the main things that attract people to use ParishSOFT are: easiness in use, easiness in learning, immaculate training and support, comprehensive data conversion and a promising money-back guarantee.

As with every software out there, the possibility of church management software to offer an unconditional money back guarantee is something you have to take into consideration. Also, you can register for a free online guided tour to make you understand even better what it is all about.

You shouldn't have a problem if you meet the minimum 800 MHz processor, 256 MB Ram and have Windows XP. You will also need Microsoft Office 2000. Windows 2003 server is not currently supported. A demo and registration info are available on the officila site.

Logos II Church Management Software

Logos II church management software provides users with a beautiful visual interface that is not only appealing but also easy to use. Logos II is has reached version 6 showing illustrating the point that the makers of this product have been in the industry for years, and the product has imporved considerably over time. Logos II church management software makes it easier to contact people, keeps track of contributions, allows easy data entrances and interface friendly menus, event plannings and much much more.

Logos II user freindly interface design has pitted it into our top three church management software packages.

By purchasing the entire Logos suite you can recieve some great discounts. The suite includes other popular tools such as Logos II Donor Management, Logos Accounting, Logos Facility Scheduler, Logos Ministry Scheduler, Logos Online Manager and others that can make your job a lot simple.

For more detailed information on Logos II church management software and other related church software tools, please visit the official website.

For further information on other church management software packages available, please visit our church management software page.


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