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With so many software packages out there it is actually very hard to determine which is the best. For a church software package to really be top material it has to meet some basic requirements. These are considered along: price, user friendliness, and results. With this in mind we have come across two church software packages which we consider to give the best results and customer satisfaction.


People Driven Software (PDS) church software

The first one on the list is People Driven Software. The manufacturers quote the church software package as: ďprovides pastors, administrative staff, and volunteers with the latest innovative design & features, power, and ease-of-use over any other church management software product on the market at a very competitive price.Ē Let us see what this particular church software has to offer and why it is so popular among users.

Any good program is designed with people in mind and when it comes to church software we have to consider people that aren't really prepared to use a complex and difficult one. People Driven is all about that and is quite easy to use with just a few clicks needed for operations. Let us analyze what PDS offers.

As with most church software People driven offers communication via email and this is great. Combine it with easiness of use and the integration of the Microsoft Office package and we have a powerful tool on our hands. PDS has been voted as the top church software on many occasions and so should be considered.

Please download a free trial below and try before you buy!


Faithworks Church Software

This particular church software has been designed by a person that actually said he had received word from God to develop it. Angelo Antonino claims it has been done with the church's interest in mind and he had researched what seven churches needed before starting work on the project. It's great to hear that vocation and people were taken into account when creating this church software package but let us take a closer look at it before charging in to buy it.

Faithworks, like People driven is another user friendly package that combines a user freindly interface with great features. This church software package is a great tool for categorizing and grouping people based on factors such as training, skills or needs. Iit creates an easy to access database and prides itself with great security features.

If you are considering this software you will need a computer with at least 600 MHz and 128 RAM, an operating system higher or equal to Microsoft Windows 98 and Microsoft Office 2000 or higher. This can be considered the main difference between Faithworks and PDS. While the first church software can be integrated with Office, the second one requires it to run.

What we liked about Faithworks is the guarantee. It is always great to see a money back guarantee and why shouldn't it be available for church software packages.

While PSD has a demo to make you acquainted, Faithworks has a 30 day 100% money back guarantee. For more details about Faithworks visit


Although these two church software packages stand out you must keep in mind that it is a possibility that neither will suit your needs. With this in mind please visit our church software page to get more information on other church software packages.


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