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We talked of the importance of easy worship software before, now let us analyze which are the best rated packages. Although these are the most popular it doesn't necessarily mean that they will best suit your needs. Please make sure you donwload available trial versions before you make your final decision.



We have decieded to start with what we believe to be the best easy worship software package available, and that is EasyWorship.

Easy-Worship was designed as a user freindly software package that allows it's users to display songs, scriptures, and videos to their congregation with little or no effort. This leaves the user with more time to concentrate on their members.

Easy-Worship is a very valuable tool for displaying and managing all your media and has more than 100 video transitions and crossfades. As a good easy worship software package should, EasyWorship has integrated support with PowerPoint 97-2003 and The Song Select Lyric Service (a huge database to download songs directly to the program's database). And the list goes on..

The Easy-Worship software package can be used on any Windows platform from 98SE to XP. Iit's user friendly interface provides (you can do most tasks with just a click or two of your mouse) and you have a very affordable and competitive package to aid and organize your worship sessions. If you want more information about this particular easy worship software package or just want to download a demo version, please visit: easyworship.com


Worship HIM

Worship HIM is another very popular easy worship software package especially created to meet the presentation needs of churches. Several features are available but the most interesting is the possibility of downloading songs and lyrics from CCLI's online lyric service, CCLI's Song Select software, and Integrity Worship Software. These are databases for easy worship software and the fact that Worship HIM can connect to all of them is an added plus bonus.

Price is another aspect that is important. Woship HIM is an easy worship software that comes with a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee and costs only $179.95. It can also be installed easily on Windows platforms 98 to XP Professional.

Worship HIM has a powerful display engine that makes customization easy and quick. Another added plus is that you will not need Powerpoint. Similar features are already included and your DVD Player and CD Player will also add to a user friendly experience. The only real aspect this easy worship software lacks is transition effects of which it has only 12. This shouldn't bother users as with the other added customization options you can make unique presentations every time.

Worship HIM has other numerous features that make up to a tremendous easy worship software package. The software will come with 700 songs already included, you can also get support through email and tutorials are included with the program. If you are considering buying Worship HIM, you should download a demo version or, if you simply want more details visit the official website: worship-him.com

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