Non profit software

This article looks at non profit software designed specifically to suit the needs of non profit organisations such as schools and churches. There are many companies who make software designed for non profit organisations. We will review what we consider to be the picks of the bunch.


Advanced Data Systems (ADS)

The non profit software industry has evolved quickly, and we have seen many non profit software packages come and go. Advanced Data Systems pride themselves with being at the fore-front of non profit software development since 1980. As they have been working primarily in accounting software, they do provide one of the best accounting solutions for non profit organisations because of experience and constant improvement.

The most popular software ADS offer is ProFund SeQueL. It has a special branch, you can call it variation, called ADS ProFund SeQuel for Non-Profits. This package was designed especially to help non profit organizations such as churches. In addition, ADS package offers comprehensive training and support for all of their non profit software packages. The company is currently working on having Microsoft as a certified Business Solution Partner. For more information and demos visit:

OMS Non profit software

OMS is a very complex program that developed along the years to become one of the most comprehensive non profit software packages on the market. OMS is a user freindly package that includes 3 modules.

The first module is designed with things like members, prospects, & donors in mind. With this information you can create a database for easy access and future analysist. Powerful search possibilities are lacking in most non profit software packages but with OMS this can be done with ease.

The second module regards dues and contributions. You can print receipts, keep everything to date and access most things with just a click.

The last module regards fund accounting and Cheque Writing. Reports and information are updated automatically keeping all your information safe and easily accessable.

Price is quite reasonable starting at $295 up to $495 per license. If you want to use OMS non profit software on more computers you can do that for an extra $99 per computer.

The support a company offers is often an indicator of the quality of the product. OMS offers top quality support for it's non-profit software. OMS also makes available a free trial download so that you can try the non profit software out before you purchase the product. For more information about OMS non profit software visit

If you are involved in a non profit organization such as a school or a church you can benefit greatly from a non profit software package such as the two mentioned above. For more information please visit our non profit software information page.


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