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There are so many church business software packages out there that it is becoming more difficult to choose what to buy as time passes. Let us see some top software packages that fall under the church business software category. They are the ones are more popular amongst users and, as you will see from other articles on our site, this is what we offer you. We are talking about popularity as people should be the ones that decide and not a review company that takes its share from presenting users with a package. With this in mind let us see the church business software packages that are the most popular at the moment. As always, keep in mind that as time passes, new software can appear that may be better. You have to stay informed and we are only providing you with some guidelines to purchasing church business software .


Church Management Solutions

Church Management Solutions is much more than a church business software package. It consists of more modules and we will talk about the ones that are related to the business aspect. Church Management Solutions is a software that manages different aspects of your church. When talking about money related issues it is a very valuable tool to help you keep track of accounting problems, contribution, memberships, outreach, ledger & payables and payroll. This church business software package will provide ďcontributors with accurate statements on a regular basisĒ. It is simple to use providing users with a very pleasant easiness in all its aspects. You can easily enter all the data needed and reports are very quickly offered when you need them.

It is always a pleasure to see that a church business software package is compatible with other aplications you might already be using. Church Management Solutions is compatible with Microsoft Excel, Word and HTML. Customization is another highly appreciated feature and combined with the above easiness in use it is plain to see why it is so popular amongst users.

Another aspect you might be interested in when looking to buy church business software is the needed system requirements. Church Management Solutions will run on a Pentium II with 300 MHZ and 32 MB RAM (although 64 MB RAM are recommended and 128 MB RAM for Windows XP). The operating system is any above and including Windows 98 as long as it is a Microsoft Windows platform and not Linux for example. You will also need Microsoft Word to take advantage of all its features. For more information and to download a demo of the church business software visit

Servant Keeper

Servant keeper is a church management software package but it is also a very powerful church business software tool designed to help. Why is it so special? Because it is very easy to use, it is completely compatible with every type of church out there, it is fully automated to save time and is also affordable. Servant Keeper's prices start at $499. It is very affordable as it is a package that combines church management software with church business software . You will actually save money.

Servant Keeper's main asset is simplicity. This simplicity does not mean that it has fewer features than other packages but translates in quickness in accessing all the needed features it offers. church business software has to be quick so that it saves you time and Servant Keeper is fast. A very easy to use interface that makes it possible to access information with just a few clicks and the easiness in entering data and generating all needed reports is what your church needs.

Another good to have feature for any church business software package is support. Sometimes you just need support and not getting it can turn into loosing money and valuable time. Servant Keeper offers online support or pay per call support at a 24/7 bassis. You will also be able to access a tips and tricks database, a forum and a very complete database. Servant Keeper can become the only tool you might need in your church because of combining church management software with church business software For more information and demo downloads visit



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