Church growth software reviews

When we are talking about church growth software we are talking about church software designed with the purpose of aiding your church grow. There aren't many software packages that can really aid you in this but they can offer help either by generating reports so that you know what is going on or by saving you time to dedicate towards the ministry. church growth software solutions are available in other packages as well and actually, any church growth software package will have included other features from other types of church software. With this in mind let us see what some very popular software solutions are and talk about them.


Connection Power Solutions

Connection Power is actually a church growth software suit designed to provide you with several software packages that can help you grow your church. To quote them: “ConnectionPower™ is doing for the church what we have told the church they need to do for the last twenty years, but we never gave them the means to do it.” With this in mind let us see what programs this church growth software package can offer and you may decide weather it suits your needs or not. Keep in mind that you can buy separately and if there is just one that satisfies what you need, you can buy or download the demo to only that software.

Power Visitor

Connection Power is a company with a lot of experience to back them up. They have been providing growth solutions even before going into the church growth software industry and Power Visitor is all about that. They have implemented that knowledge in their software package and it now provides users with the solutions that worked. They have a good point in saying: “Why try to reinvent the wheel” when what they did before works. Church growth software is about results and they realized this.

Let us analyze the features of Power Visitor. First of all it provides you with information you need and methods that work. Then, these solutions can be applied and the results will be an increase in visitor numbers. The first step to taking towards your church evolution is growing your membership numbers. Church growth software that can do this is a welcomed plus and Power Visitor aims to do just that. You will also have tools that will analyze what the people want so that you know what to offer them.

Power Member

Power Member is a church growth software package that includes 2 modules: Power Care and Power Engage. Power Care is, just as its name says, a solution that will provide the feeling that you care towards the members and has solutions to make them connect better with each other. As we all know it is a lot better to spend time with somebody you know and trust. This is what Power Care aims: to make the members trust each other. Power Engage is church growth software that helps in management. It has a lot of tools to aid you do this and has also features to analyze and get things done towards church growth. Power Member is that part of the Connection Power church growth software package solutions that aids in management. It is a needed tool.

Power Giving

This part of the church growth software package will help your church through automation and contribution information integration in your system. By using it you will be able to increase giving, add online giving possibilities, reduce the administrative workload, get automated emails regarding contribution information and achieve church growth when combined with Power Visitor and Power Member. To achieve church growth you have to be interested in the financial and donation aspects and this is where Power Giving helps. Church growth software should make it possible to thank the people that are donating money and Power Giving can do just that.

Connection Power church growth software package makes it possible to get web solutions as well through their new product called Power WEB. This software will make it possible for members of your church to stay in touch with you, get news and so on while at home, through the help of a computer. It is always useful to keep them informed. Church growth software is all about pleasing your members so that, basically, more will come.

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