Church Management Software

Church management software has been designed to help you run your church more efficiently, allowing you more time to dedicate to your members and your church.

With the increase in demand for software aids within the church, a whole plethora of software packages have been developed. It is our objective to educate you on the best and worst church management software packages. As there are many companies that develop church management software, it can be quite hard to pick a package that will best suit your needs. Below are some of the main criteria that make a good church management software system.


- User freindliness – a few clicks should be the only real work when undergoing operations. Look out for easy church management software.

- It saves time – there is no reason to use software if it complicates your work.

- It helps analyse ministry participation and guides you to improve it.

- It helps assess the financial state of the church or non profit organisation.

- Reports, receipts and everything related to this field can easily be printed and analyzed.


Check out our reviews of the best church management software packages available on the market today.


The most important part of buying software is research. A little research can do wonders if you know what you are looking for. A great help to buyers is the advent of the demo, or trial versions available with most packages. This basically means you can try before you buy. The main limitations to a demo version are usually the amount of data that can be stored and the types of reports that can be made. Despite the limitations, you really can get a good idea if the package will suit your needs.

Using a demo version will also give you a good idea about the price differences between packages. By trying and comparing two versions, you can see if it really is worth paying the extra money for some added features. You will in many cases find packages with the same features, but at very different prices.

Many may ask, who should use church management software? Well, anyone who wants to imporve their church should. Church management software could be the next step you need to take in order to grow your church membership numbers.