Church Office Software Reviews

Let us take an objective look at popular church office software and see what they offer.


Church Office

On the official website of the package we can read “Church Office organizes church membership information”. This is exactly what the software is all about: organizing membership information and making it easier to work in the church office environment.

This church office software package has a lot of features designed to help. The most important aspect we can see is the extreme easiness in use. The one click method of making it easier to access all information and manage the database that is created is a delight. Let us see now what Church Office can do for you.

First of all you can store details about the members of your church. With this tool you can understand the direction your ministry services should go so that it will be pleasant. Combine this with easiness in storing information about families, addresses and the possibility of grouping members with simmilar interests and you have a very good church office software package. Church Office also makes it possible to track donations and always now where you stand financially. If you wish to you can also generate complex reports that can easily be analyzed.

About system requirements we can say that this church office software needs a higher or equal Windows 95 platform including NT technology, at least 16 MB RAM, 20 MB Hard Disk space and a monitor that supports a resolution of 800X600. The last aspect to be analyzed is price. Church Office has a price between $298 and $1.295 depending on how many licenses and churches are going to use it. For more details visit

PDS Church Office

PDS Church Office has been designed by Parish Data System, which is a leading developer in the church software industry. This church office software package has a lot of features and is actually one of the most popular amongst users. The program has reached version 4.0 and offers a number of features to aid you manage and control your church office.

What's interesting about PDS Church Office is that it has an unlimited number of possible entries regarding families, members and funds. Also, an added plus to any church office software , that is present in PDS Church Office, is entering all the needed details such as street, mailing and biling addresses. After that you can keep track of important events and dates in the member's life so that you can make him know you are there for him. Such events include birthdays and you can even know what he likes and dislikes. With this information provided by the church office software you can easily know what to do to make him remain close to the church. Another big feature concerns reports. You can quickly file them and print them so that analysis is as quick as possible.

PDS Church Office is a very complex program and will require higher system requirements to run. You will need a Pentium processor with 1 GHZ and at least 32 MB RAM (although 256 is recommended). Church Office will run on Windows 98 and higher and on NT technology and the monitor needed will have to support a resolution of 800X600. For instalation you will need 150 MB Hard Disk space and extra space for saved documents. A printer is also recommended so that you will be able to print your reports and might also want a high storage removable back-up support such as a zip drive or a CD-WR so that you can keep your information backed up just in case something happens. On the whole this church office software provides you with all the needed tools you might wish from it.

PDS Church Office is very popular among users and you might want to consider it because of the fact it has been designed to suit the purposes of both big and small churches. If you want to download a demo version of this highly used church office software package or want extra information please visit


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