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ACS Technologies - ACS Church Management Software

Built around church administration, ACS proves to be one of the leading management software package out there when it comes to benefits for a church. Great support and web interactivity makes it even more special and also recommended by top specialists.

Trumba – OneCalendar

Trumba OneCalendar is actually an Online Scheduler. Email interactivity combined with several interesting and welcomed features makes your scheduling tasks a joy to handle.

Kingdom Tools - Kingdom Tools Efficiency Suite

Kingdom Tools is web based and is that tool needed by most users to help manage databases, newsletters, donations, schedules and many more. Being password protected and fully customizable makes it possible for only the desired users to access the desired areas of the database.

Parish Data System - Church Office Management

If you need to manage your church office, Parish Data Systems offers you the needed tools to do just that. It is highly recommended and users from all over the world are enjoying a better church office thanks to Parish Data System.

Rotunda Software - Minister Scheduler Pro

Minister Scheduler Pro is a very complete church software package designed for management and scheduling. Multiple ministries may be handled at the same time and it basically helps you save valuable time that you can dedicate towards other activities you may need to do.

Icon Systems - IconCMO & Revelations

IconCMO is a beautiful, Online church management software package with many features including Membership Management, accounting and many more. Combine it with the computer based Revelation software and you got yourself a very good and affordable software package.

Diakonia - Faithful Steward Church Management Software

If you want to manage your church or maybe your non profit organization then this might be the best choice for you. Be sure to check out the free demo the site offers as you might miss an important tool for your church.

Daymark Software Systems - Church Partner

You are not buying church software here but a “full featured" Church Management System. Easiness in use and low price will definitely catch the eye of many users, just as it did until now. Perfect for both small and big churches.

Logos Management Software - Logos II Church/Donor

Logos II is a very powerful management software program that is actually very popular amongst users. With a very big list of features, benefits and thousands of satisfied customers it is an alternative worth taking into account.

Computer Helper Publishing - Church Windows Software

Church Windows is definitely one of the most popular church software packages out there. It is very user friendly and because of the easiness of use connected with powerfull features it is one of the top rated church windows software packages as well.

CCIS Software - Creative Church Information System

CCIS Church Management Software is unique because of the experience behind it. It has been offering solutions especially designed for churches since 1981. With such an experience edge you can understand why it currently serves over 5000 churches in the United States alone.

Martureo.Org - ChurchTrax

Church Trax is a great example of perfect use of easiness in use in a church software package. It is also free, manages many aspects of the church and can even export information in QuickBooks and Quicken. Excel export features are also present and can only be used on Windows Systems.

StarSoft Technologies - ChurchWorks

ChurchWorks has claimed a spot amongst the best church management software packages out there. Powerful database creation tools combined with tracking tools and several features that add that extra edge, ChurchWorks has to be considered for purchasing if you need this type of software.

Servant PC Resources - Servant Keeper

Another very powerful Church Management Software package that is affordable, customizable and has a very powerful search engine included. Quicken and QuickBooks are also supported for accounting purposes.

Nuverb Systems - Donarius

Donarius is again church management software that is very popular amongst users. Every part of management is completed easily if using Donarius and it saves a lot of time.

Wennblom Solutions - SeekerWorks

SeekerWorks is church tested and approved by several well known pastors. This makes up to a good background and actually, it is a very good church management software package.

Richmond Software

Another popular church management software package that can help users keep records, create a good database, have it all password protected and offers non-stop support in case problems appear.

Church Assist

Church Assist 4.0 is one of the most talked about church software packages at the moment. With 35 years of experience behind it and implementation of the award wining Borland Database Engine, Church Assist 4.0 is, without a doubt, the most popular church management software.

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