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The church software industry is quite interesting as it is constantly changing and evolving. Because of the increase in need and in easiness of use, it is becoming harder to choose what package to buy. There are companies that have been developing software for ages and are known to provide quality church software. Let us talk now about the leading church software packages, the companies behind them, and what they have to offer.


Church Windows

Church Windows is developed and designed by “Computer Helper”, located in Columbus , Ohio and founded in 1987. It is a company specialized in church software and this is its only field of activity currently serving over 9000 churches in the United States alone. They pride themselves with their software claiming it “strikes a balance between being powerful and flexible in its capabilities, yet intuitive and easy to use.” Church Windows is a church software package that consists of a number of programs that can be used alone or as a unit, much the same way as Microsoft office.

Church Windows is the kind of program that is designed to help, not complicate. It is a church software package that has a lot to offer, not least of all is it's training and support policy. “Support” is a keyword for the company just like “training”. This particular church software package will offer gives those with older machines no reason to upgrade. Church windows runs on a minimum of Pentium II with 64 MB RAM, just 150 MB HDD space and a minimum operating system of Windows 98.

Few church software programs have such minimum requirements. This is because Computer Helper focuses on quality and not on visual interface thus providing users with software that is easy to use and works great as compared with other software manufacturers that will offer a decent program but with better design. That type of church Software will require a better computer and will cost more. The package costs between 375$ to 1585$ with support fees of 99$ per year. The price can even be lower depending on your needs. For more information about Church Windows church software or for downloading a demo version of the programs visit

ACStechnologies (ACS)

ACStechnologies is a company that has been offering church software solutions since 1978. The company has gained untold experience and served numerous institutions along these years. What is special about them is that they do not sell one type of church software, but they aim to offer what you need. The motto of the company is: “What do you need? and How can we help you?”. It is a fact that ACS supports more churches than any other church management software provider. Also, along the years they have developed quite an impeccable reputation beginning to service Schools and Denominational Offices as well. What do people say about the company? Users are very happy and claim that the church software solution they were offered by ACS is working incredibly well.

ACS offer the best customer service available. You can contact ACS by phone and discuss your needs as a church. In turn ACS will tailor a church software package to suit your needs. Basically this translates into a great learning experience for you the buyer, allowing you to realize what you are buying before you spend the money. As always, this is a big advantage, especially when purchasing church software.

Training is another aspect that ACS is looking after. The company realizes that Church church software can be difficult to use so they provide comprehensive training. This can be done through training events, online support, telephone training, tutorials and on site training. You can also enroll in a special “Preferred Client Program” that goes beyond the church software package bought. Enrolling in the program will make it possible for the user to receive church software updates, services, support and discounts. Basically ACS is one of the leading companies in this area of activity and provides you with church software solutions that will help the user and provide him with what he needs. For more information visit


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