Church Song Management Software Reviews

With so many church song management software packages available, it is important, in our view, to know where to start. Nobody wants to end up looking at dozens of software packages and not knowing what to choose. This means that you might end up buying a program that does not offer as much as you need or buying one that costs a lot more money than can be justified.


In this article we will review the most popular church song management software available on the market. Our opinions are based on our user experiences, and comments made by our users. . Please keep in mind that the programs presented have been chosen by means of analyzing what users say. Our top four, rated by popular use, are as follows:

SongPro 4

SongPro 4 is a PC program which enables you to plan and manage the projection of all service requirements including song lyrics, Bible passages, liturgical text, PowerPoint presentations, video clips and notices. This is what we can see as we enter the official web site of SongPro 4 church song management software. Let us see what it can do for us.

With a huge database of 3,000 included songs and the full text of the Bible in English and 10 more languages we can see how this program strikes hard from the first feature presented. It is always important to have a big song collection with any church song management software and SongPro 4 has that. Combine it with a very good, built-in search engine that helps you find the needed song or passage in the Bible as quickly as needed. Do you have videos, DVDs and images? If so you can include them in SongPro 4 with ease for complete customization. Also a good church song management software package needs integration with other software such as Microsoft Powerpoint. You can find this too in SongPro 4. The dual monitor feature will make it easy for everybody to see the presentation you are using.

SongPro 4 church song management software is very popular and this is due to the ease in use, which is incredible. It is a very fast package to work with. Talking about system requirements you will also find that you will not need a super computer to make it work. The discussed church song management software will need a processor of at least 1 GHZ, 256 MB RAM, Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 and 150 MB Hard Disk space (plus what you will need for extra songs you will add to the database). If you want to use the dual monitor feature you will also need another graphics card or a laptop with dual monitor capability.

I'm sure you will want to know about the price so you should know that the cost is of $240 for a single license. For downloading a free demo of SongPro 4 church song management software, to view the complete list of features, screen shots, the included song list, the complete prices or just to find out more visit


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