Easy Worship Software Reviews (continued)

Worship Assistant

As you might imagine, Worship Assistant is an easy worship software package designed for planning worship sessions and displaying song lyrics with the help of a video projector. It is a valuable tool that allows the user to save time while preparing a more appealing worship session. In most cases, this is all any parish needs.

Worship Assistant provides users with a very powerful tool to keep track of the songs used for future reference and analysis. With the ability to choose songs with one click, users are able to quickly plan their whole worship session within minutes.

On of the most appealing things about Worship Assistant is the price. Customers can download the package for only $69 by Electronic Software Delivery and $79 on CD-ROM.

The recommended system configuration requires a higher operating system than Windows 98, 500 MHZ, 64 MB RAM, and an internet connection for the Electronic Software Delivery and e-mail capabilities. For more information about this easy worship software or demo download visit ChurchAssist

Presentation Manager

What can Presentation Manager do to aid you? Just like most easy worship software packages it helps display song lyrics and Bible passages from a built in database and has many customization features to make each session unique. It also has support for up to three monitors. A great feature indeed.

As we said before it is important for any easy worship software to be able to connect to a database to easily download new songs. Presentation Manager does this with ease by connecting to the CCLI Song Select database. Powerpoint features are also supported and easy customization is a reality.

Pricing depends on the amount of features you want made available. Starting from $75 to $375 depending on your easy worship software needs. Extra features such as images can be purchased from around $45. For more information visit Presentationmanager.

Inspirational Worship

Inspirational Worship isn't a straight out easy worship software package, but can be used with the same effect in a worship session. It will help you take your song sheets and export them in a Powerpoint slide show that can be viewed on a monitor. The only real problem it has is the fact that you will need a little music knowledge so that you can synchronize the images with the song. Inspirational Worship isn't as easy to use as other packages as it wasn't soley intended for this purpose, however, those with a little computer knowledge shouldn't have any trouble.

Inspirational Worship requires a 200 MHZ processor, 64 MB RAM and Powerpoint 97 or 2000. From the software's official website you can buy several songs, CDs and sheet music to aid you not only when using Inspirational Worship but when using most easy worship software packages out there. A demo download and up-to-date pricing can be found at Inspirationalworship:

Other easy worship software packages you should look out for include programs such as Adoration, WorshipSession, Paperless Hymnal, Sunday Plus, Media Shout, Sing and Read, SongPro 3, Songshow Plus and many more. Free worhsip software packages are also available. Examples include popular packages like Easi Slides, OpenLP, OpenSong and many more. Be sure to analyze and review before buying.

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