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SongBase is much more than church song management software. It is actually worship software and is another highly popular product. Why is that? Again, the same features appear.

First of all we can see a very simple user interface that is always welcomed with any church software actually. The best thing about it is that SongBase church song management software is formed of 2 programs built in one. This makes up to both a worship software package and a church song management software package. With this in mind it is plain to see why it is so popular.

Let us now take a look at some of SongBase's features. Again we can find included chord charts and video lyrics. What is very interesting is the combination with guitar software features. You have a built in chord transposer that will make your life a lot easier. What will also make your user life easier is the very powerful built in search engine feature. Any church song management software user of any such program will emphasize on the need of a good search engine because after a while you will see that maybe thousands of songs will be present in your database. Searching manually through them can be very time consuming.

What we found out and really enjoyed was that this particular church song management software package was designed by people that are very involved in churches and fully understand its particular needs. This makes it very pleasant and is the reason why so much attention to easiness in use has become a reality with SongBase. Support is again welcomed and you will have the possibility of calling an 1-800 number if needed. Combine this with the Online tutorials available and you will quickly see why SongBase church song management software seems to be a very good choice for all your worship needs. Keep in mind that this doesn't mean you should immediately buy it and we recommend reading the article till the end.

The only drawback we found was in the system requirements. You will need a minimum of 2.0 GHZ processor, 512 MB RAM, a DUAL HEAD video card, 7200 RPM, 20 GB hard disk, Windows XP Home or higher and other features can be optional so will need optional hardware.

Let us also analyze the price. SongBase church song management software costs $298.95 and for an added $89.95 per year you will also be able to get a “Life Saver One Year Support Plan” that offers (besides 24 hours per day of support if needed) “ Monthly new song chart "LIVE UPDATES" for popular worship songs” and “Access to to share your own charts over the web!”

For more information or downloading a demo version of SongBase please visit:

Several other church song management software packages can be found. What has to interest you is if it is good for you or not. This is why we emphasize on trying before buying and have to say that failure to do this can result in a bad purchase. A bad purchase doesn't mean that you didn't buy a good church song management software package, it just means that you didn't purchase the one that best suits your particular needs. Every single church out there has its own needs and has to adapt to the members it has. This is why what best works for one church may not work as well for you. One man may like worship songs that have a higher rhythm while another might want a slower bar beat. The majority, as always, rules in this case.

What we now recommend is that you download demos from all the church song management software packages reviewed and use them all. After that you will be able to see which one is the best for you. Another thing that has to be done is of course, research. What does that mean? Take a look around you! Analyze what your ministry needs and see what the eventual church song management software offers. Put the results together and see if they match or not. Ask yourself: “Will these songs help the ministry and the worship sessions or not?”, “Will I really gain what I want by using it?” and any other question you might think about that could help you choose.

Another easy thing you can do is ask. You can ask people that already use it what they think about it. As we all know it is far more important to talk to somebody than to read what he said. This translates in the fact that church song management software HAS TO BE analyzed first and only afterwards bought.

After buying it do not hesitate to learn every single function it has. This will make your worship sessions as good as possible and this is what you want basically. Remember what you have read and we will tell you again: “Research before buying church song management software packages!”. this is the key one needs to understand towards buying any good church software that suits your needs.

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