Purpose Driven Church Managment Software Reviews

If you haven't read the articles on purpose driven church management software we invite you to do this before reading the reviews that will be presented here. Please visit: What is a purpose driven church?

Let us see what purpose driven church management software package is the most popular amongst users. With not so many products out there, it is hard to pick wich will be best for you. We have chosen the following software as the most suitable in this category.

Church Growth Software

The most popular purpose driven church management software package at the moment is Church Growth Software. Although the name may be misleading, this isn't just a software package focussed on church growth.

On the official website of the product we can read: “ This purpose driven church management software is an affordable, easy-to-use tool for attaining a healthy church". Let us see if this is the case. First of all let us talk about the features contained in Church Growth Software. This package is extremely easy to use and this easiness is the main feature it presents. It can “manage all aspects of membership information, including attendance, ministries, and donations", “Track and bring visitors back to the church through the automatic follow-up system", “Plan, organize, and evaluate events" and “Create histories, profiles, and reports that provide pastors and administrators with timely decision-making information". It is very difficult to find purpose driven church management software that has all these features and to the list we can add automatic follow up, information tracking at its best and advanced reporting tools.

Church Growth Software will work on a Pentium or AMD computer with a higher or equal Windows 98 platform, supporting NT technology as well, at least 50 MB of hard disk space and recommended 128 MB RAM. You will also have the possibility of using one or multiple user accounts. Basically, Church Growth Software aims to provide the highest possible easiness in use and is very close to this high level wished.

This software package is very complex and includes features from many types of church software packages. With this in mind we have to think about the price. The pricing method is very similar to a church management software pricing. You will be charged per membership number needed. This brings up a price of $99 for up to 100 members and the price can go up to $999 for unlimited entry possibilities.

The last aspect to analyze when deciding to buy software is how well it suits your needs. This is where demo versions step in so that you can fully test the package before buying it. Church Growth Software also has a download demo version. You can also download a training manual and all this is available on the product's official website. For more information, for downloading a demo version or for purchasing information visit http://www.churchgrowthsoftware.com/

Church growth software can help any size church attain amazing results with church's overall growth over a short period of time!


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