Purpose Driven Church Managment Software

In the past years we have seen a new type of software called purpose driven church management software developing and becoming very popular amongst users. To understand what it refers to we must first understand what a purpose driven church is. The term “ Purpose Driven Church ” comes from Rick Warren's book entitled “ The Purpose-Driven Church ” . It is one book that has been sold in millions of copies being translated in more than 20 languages. Around it purpose driven church management software has developed to the packages we can buy today.

This book analyzed several parts of a church and can be regarded as an essay to what a church is and what its purpose is. There have been several results to what this book was saying. Some people agree and some do not but it does bring up a new term that wasn't properly analyzed in the past. That term is exactly “purpose driven church”. What is a purpose driven church? We can simply define the term as a church that is driven by a purpose. That purpose is usually spreading God's teachings and the pastor/priest is that individual that spreads “the word of truth” and is there to help the people understand it properly.

Usually, the purpose of a church is to grow and purpose driven church management software the purpose of aiding the purpose driven church to grow. The first example was exactly the church led by Rick Warren and his wife Kay. Their church grew from basically no members, services being held in a small house and no hired help to a church that is at the moment holding services for 16,000 people per week. The term “Purpose Driven” is a trademark but it can be analyzed differently by different people. Rick Warren had a purpose and that is what drove him towards success. Every single church should have a purpose and this is what purpose driven church actually means. Nailing down the words used we can understand that a purpose driven church is a church that is aiming for a direction/purpose.

Rick Warren's influence amongst pastors worldwide is something that is bothering many people related to religion. The popular belief is that methods and actions should come from God and each and every church has particular needs. This is why purpose driven church management software and the purpose driven church are both sometimes seen as something that does not come from God. The pastor/priest should be a messenger that gets his inspiration from the Divine and not from other people's methods and actions done to achieve success. Maybe your church does not need the method Rick Warren or any other shepherd/priest/pastor has developed for his church. There is nothing wrong in having a purpose though and this is why such actions are not really seen as problems in the ministry.

To sum up a little the whole concept, a purpose driven church needs a purpose to become driven. That purpose can be growth or simply providing the existing members with what they want to see and hear. Each and everyone of us has different needs and different methods work differently on us. It is very important to analyze before taking actions and so is the case with purpose driven church management software as well. It is software designed for a church that has a purpose.

The only real problem that purpose driven churches can have is when the pastor/priest looses sight of what the purpose is. This is when he can start wanting money for instance and will slowly loose grasp of religion and turn into a preacher that aims towards personal benefits. A priest has to think about the people first and only after that he has to think about himself. The Bible says that he is a messenger and he delivers the “Word of God”. When the preacher is starting to preach about something else and his purpose becomes personal interest he will no longer be a preacher. This is the case with purpose driven church management software as well. When its purpose is selling as much as possible and it is not oriented towards helping the church it will simply become management software.


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